About Us

Phoenix Martial Arts has been teaching Taekwondo based martial arts since 2004 in Foulden & Carbrooke, Norfolk, UK. As an independent club we are able to offer all our members quality training at affordable rates. Please ask about costs and member discounts available at this time.

Our Values

To give the highest quality training at all times.
Treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
Strive to get the best from everyone.
Understanding that we all learn differently and at different speeds.
We never give up on those who want to train.

Any instructor who demands respect is a failure. Mutual courtesy and politeness are good manners and are expected. Respect is earned from how you are taught and how you train.

The Martial Art style we teach is wholly based on Taekwondo, we teach the Palgue pattern or poomse.

Our only difference to training is the understanding that we are not all able to achieve head high kicks or 6ft leaps into the air. WE KEEP IT REAL LIFE..   You train at your own pace our instructors are there to guide you and encourage you to achieve WE NEVER FORCE YOU. We do not believe in separate grading standards for juniors or seniors in our art we feel this is totally  unnecessary  we test our students on the basis of how they can cope with someone there own size. We can teach from the age of 5 yrs preferably with a parent  present or training with them. We find  at 7 they are fine unattended.  65 yrs old we unfortunately need a doctors note saying you are fit to train  (sorry insurance related) . We do not maintain that adults and children should train separately , I have learnt as much from the higher grade children as from my  instructors, due to the simple ways they can verbally relay  information, (They Don’t Make It More Complicated Than It Is) Like I have just done in the last sentence. We do obviously pair everyone to a like for like size when working with a partner, or put higher grade controlled people with our younger members. SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.

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You have nothing to lose by trying, Everything to gain.